I live together with my cats in a big house with a garden and a terrace in the northern part of Germany. That enables my “purrers” to enjoy the fresh air and to play in the garden all the day.

I am very interested in rare plants, that explains why my secure garden looks pretty exotic and offers my cats a great playground.

To maintain the health, the wildlook, the type, and the size, I tried to involve mostly rare lines into my little breeding group,e.g. Coonunnski, Trutails, Kancooncats, Purrbodys, Kittyup, Meunerie, Coonquest, Rumblepurr, Firerose, Hevengift, Dirigos, Terrifficats, L.A.P.D., Honeycoon, and a little part of this lines ,we called: old“german lines”,etc. to mention only some of them.

Oilily the Unicat-the grandma from our cattery in the age of 10 jears

My breeding goals:

I also pay a lot of attention to a big variety of colours, especially to rare and new colours like van-Maine Coons, calicos, solids, smokes and cameos.

Furthermore, with well planed marriages, I try to reduce the clone- and top-five-rate, but keeping the size and the type.

I am always in contact with foreign breeders and enriched the catteries with some of my animals. Also catlovers are very enthusiastic about the type and the beauty of my cats.Because of the fact that my hobby carries a lot of work along with it, my parents who live next door, often give me a helping hand by padding my furry giants”during the day. I myself take care of my cuties all morning and in the evening.

Witchbreeds Spider Woman with 12 years

Witchbreeds Exorbitance im Alter von 9 Jahren

Kitty ups Geronimo in the ago of 8 jears

Adrian-Kitten from our first litter 1993

On the side “Gallery” on this homepage ,you can see the adults, offsprings and kittens in the  "Kittengalerie", out of my different lines and breeding cats, and at "Familyportraits" you can find the pics of all the cats with whom we have breed in the past. So they are all parents and grandparents of the current Witchbreeds Cats. So, if I got you curious about me and my cats, then have a look into my homepage. If you want to contact me then send an E-Mail , or ring me: fon +49/441/57135, mobil 015112455746 ,daytime between 09.00am and 01.00pm and between 09.00pm and 00.00 pm.
We speak a bad but understandable english :-))!


Notes concerning the Tomcats